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Jodachs Miniature Dachshunds: raising well socialized family pets for 6yrs

Adults for sale to FAMILY HOMES ONLY!


(THESE ARE NOT MY DOGS. ANYONE MAY EMAIL ME INFO ABOUT AN ADULT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR A HOME FOR) Below is a list of available adult dogs. Next to the description of the dog is the name of the current owner. This page was set up with the intent of finding some wonderful family homes for older dachshunds.  The letters ML (miniature longhair) and MS (miniature shorthair) are next to each along with the DOB, color, and any other specific concerns. Buyers will have to have the adult spayed or neutered within 60 days of purchase.

sex: male
color: Solid English Cream LH
age: 2 yrs old this July
price: $400
owner: Roxanne Webster 517-552-9849
sex: male
color: Shaded English Cream
age: 1 yr old this April
price: $700
owner: Roxanne Webster 517-552-9849
sex: female
color: 6lbs red MS  dark red
age: 08/20/2002
price: $100  never had babies, too small
owner: Roxanne Webster
sex: female
color: red brindle (striped) wirehair, very smooth for a wire
age: 8months
price: $500
owner: Roxanne Webster 517-552-9849
sex: female
color: red smooth dapple MS
age: 3.5 yrs
price: $200
owner: Roxanne Webster 517-552-9849