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Jodachs Miniature Dachshunds: raising well socialized family pets for 6yrs


I have some wonderful males available for stud service. My program here for my male dachshunds concentrates on body structure but more importantly it concentrates on TEMPERAMENT. I will only use males who are extremely friendly, NOT stranger agressive, and who consistently produce puppies like them.
I think it is very important that my males do not spend their lives in cages for the sole purpose of breeding. Because of this, my males are placed in FAMILY HOMES (Unless otherwise stated) HOW DOES THIS WORK? When I get a call from you wanting to use one of my males, I will bring the male to my house and you will bring your girl here. It works best to leave your girl here for a few days. I care for visiting girls the same way they are cared for at home. They are part of my family and are allowed to roam my home, play with my children etc...
I believe this more relaxed environment decreases stress on the girls, especially since they are not subject to many dogs barking at them.
Below are studs that I am currently using in my program. You are also welcome to visit the boys at their family homes.
I am a specialist in Dachshund Color Genetics and can assist you in determining which male would be best for you to get the desired color in your puppies. I am also trained in Artificial Insemination for agressive or non-compliant females. This is a very NON TRAUMATIC procedure, no extra charge for this service.

(BELOW)  Jodachs Golden Boy MSC
We call this boy ROMIE. He is a Smooth English Cream. Romie lives with Lynn and her family in Hastings Michigan. Romie produces wonderful puppies in Red, Cream, Chocolate/Tan and Chocolate/Cream color.


we call this boy "BAM" he is a longhair Black/Cream English Cream.He is so incredibly playful and friendly. Bam currently lives with me in Grandville Michigan.Bam produces puppies in Cream, ee Cream, Black/Cream, Chocolate/Cream, Red, ee Red, Black/Tan, and Chocolate/Tan colors.



Below is a picture of Tommy aka WEBSTERS DESIGNER GENES V JODACHS. He is in the picture to the left, Krystal is on the right. Tommy is such a mellow little guy. He has very short legs and produces wonderful puppies in Red, Cream, Black/tan, and Black/Cream colors. Tommy lives with Lori and her family in Cedar Springs Michigan.


I have two more males not pictured here yet. One lives with Tommy in Cedar Springs. His name is Connor aka "JODACHS CUSTOM MADE" Connor is a Smooth English Cream boy who produces puppies in Cream and Red so far.
The second boy is Sky who lives with Mark and his wife in Wyoming Michigan. Sky is a Red Smooth boy who carries for English Cream. Sky can produce puppies that are Cream, Black/Cream, Red, and Black/Tan. I will be updating pictures of Tommy, Connor and Sky very soon.